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Zhejiang Minghong Enamelled Wire Co., Ltd. Our company has advanced production equipments in the domestic and a full range of testing equipments, We mainly supplies enamelled aluminium round wire, enamelled copper clad aluminum round wire, enamelled copper  round wire in various specifications; polyester enamelled wire, solderable polyurethane enamelled wire, polyester-imide enamelled wire, refrigerant-resistant enamelled wire, corona-resisting enameled wire, self-adhesive enamelled wire, nylon type enamelled wire with various temperature classes (130-220), polyamide-imide enamelled wire, 240-class, the company's products have been certified by UL. The products can be widely used in various electric machines and appliances such as automobile engines, refrigeration compressors, TV sets, induction cooker, microwave ovens, transformers and electronic coils, etc.

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